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Will the deflation in overall tech startup sector affect travel startups old and new? Listen in.

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The second season of the Skift Podcast is in full swing, and for our fourth episode of 2016 we brought in two industry experts to understand where the travel startup scene is heading in the coming year.

Travel startups are born of ideas — good and bad — and often their founders turn to support from investors who provide the means to help that idea flourish. Not all ideas are equal, though, and not every year is great for raising capital. A report published by CB Insights showed 2015 as one of the greatest year for travel tech funding, with more than $5.2 billion invested across 348 deals.

What does this year hold for startups?

To help walk us through what’s happening on the venture capital front, Skift reporter Alexandra E. Petri and Skift News Editor Dennis Schaal sat down with Marcelo Ballvé, Research Director at CB Insights, and Krish Jagirdar, associate at Brand New Matter, which has investments in Rocketrip and Yatra and consults with early-stage startups on transforming their businesses.

Their discussion looked at travel startups in particular, as well as the broader market of non-travel startups in general. The issue of unicorns including Uber and Airbnb was raised, as well as how the growing concerns for overvaluations may determine the direction of investing in 2016.


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