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If you are new to travel, or new to Skift or an occasional reader of our work, you may have missed these four big thought-leadership downloads we launched at different times over the last year.

These are editorial packages that will help you understand the big marketing, strategy, and tech trends that are defining the future of travel. We are these recirculating these four free downloads again, below.

  • Skift Manifesto on the Future of Travel in 2020: This 25-page manifesto released in Aug last year brings together a lot of themes we have talked about in the last three years, and some lessons we have learned about the larger changes happening in consumer behavior—especially digital habits—and how they get reflected in travel.
  • Skift Magazine, Issue 3: The Megatrends Defining Travel in 2016: This annual magazine is devoted to our analysis of 15 big trends playing out in the global travel industry, from changing consumer habits, to the big marketing changes happening, to how consumer data are finally being used to understand the traveler, among others.