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The Skift Podcast returns today, with a special audio companion to our annual Megatrends report.


Over nine weeks this past summer with our podcast, we explored topics ranging from culinary tourism to smarter luggage to hotel technology, and then we took a break.

With our kickoff 2016 episode, Skift staffers Jason Clampet, Alexandra E. Petri, and Rafat Ali discuss highlights from the 15 big trends covered in the report.

These trends are playing out across the global travel industry, from changing consumer habits, to the big marketing changes happening, to how consumer data are finally being used to understand the traveler.

Dive in with some lively insights into the business of travel in 2016.

The Skift Podcast season two promises interviews and discussions with the travel industry’s most innovative leaders and insightful commentators as well as subjects shaping the industry that you’ll only read — and hear — about from Skift.

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