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The Skift magazine identifies the key megatrends that will help you be better informed about building your business strategies over the next year, and will keep you on the cutting edge of the future of travel in 2016 and beyond.

Today we’re launching our big, annual package The Megatrends Defining Travel in 2016.

This is our annual trends projection and analysis for the coming year. For each of the last three years — 2013, 2014 and 2015 — Skift has defined the conversation for the next twelve months with its annual megatrends package, and this year we hope to continue to decipher and define the big trends for you, the professional in the global travel industry.

What a year 2015 has been for this planet of ours and it all converges in travel, the bellwether sector, in ways both good and bad. This annual magazine is devoted to our analysis of 15 big trends playing out in the global travel industry, from changing consumer habits, to the big marketing changes happening, to how consumer data are finally being used to understand the traveler, among others.

These are the 15 megatrends we have addressed in this magazine package.

  1. The Travel Industry Is Now Ready For A 360-Degree View of The Traveler
  2. The Big Turmoil in Big Hospitality
  3. The Bourdain Effect: Food is Now the Leading Hook for Travel
  4. The Direct Booking Wars Are in Full Bloom
  5. The Rise of Fast Casual Design in Travel
  6. This Is the Year of the American Traveler
  7. Video Is the New Language of Brand Communication
  8. Smart Cities Are Now Platforms and Traveler Services Are Being Built on Top
  9. Build Your Own Passenger Experience Is the Future of Flying
  10. Messaging Is the New Language of the Globe, Are Travel Brands Listening?
  11. Partnership Time for Hospitality in the On-Demand Economy
  12. Focus Shifts From Millennials to Gen Z
  13. Online Booking Sites’ Newest Rivals: Their Former Friends
  14. Partner Trend From Virtuoso: Smart Travel Agents Adopt the Concierge Mindset
  15. Partner Trend From Virgin Atlantic: From Strictly Business to Epic Adventure: The Rise of the Sky Hero

We want to thank our magazine sponsors Denver International Airport, Meetings Mean Business, SiteMinder, Boxever, Checkmate, Virtuoso, and Virgin Atlantic for making this megatrends package possible. These are smart companies that understand the bigger trends happening in the global travel sector and are building their businesses on top of these trends.

Download the copy for a deeper read here. Either way, share them if you like them and think others can benefit from them.

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