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Chris Collins, co-founder of Zero Point Zero Production, spoke at the Skift Global Forum. His talk “The Evolution of the Travelogue, 1950s and Into the Future” explored how storytelling surrounding travel has changed and will evolve.

Through series on Food Network, Travel Channel, and CNN, Collins’ ZPZ team has helped Anthony Bourdain establish a distinctive style of storytelling that’s upset the traditional way of telling travel stories on video. Despite Bourdain’s big personality, each of his series has focused on letting a destination tell its story through its people first, and its food second.

This is the latest Skift Global Forum 2015 video we have posted. Over the rest of the month we’ll release each of the three dozen-plus presentations from the 2015 Skift Global Forum. To keep track of them all, bookmark Skift Global Forum.

Watch the video, above, for the full 26-minute presentation.

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