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Sasha Hoffman, CEO of startup Fuzzy Compass, and Gillian Morris, founder and CEO of startup Hitlist, spoke at the Skift Global Forum in Brooklyn, New York in October.

Hoffman and Morris discussed their respective companies, case studies, and growth hacks that they’ve seen which help turn startups into giants. The two spoke of the advantages startups have when it comes to taking risks and moving faster than established companies can. For startups, multiple iterations and continuous innovation give them a chance to chase opportunities that big companies can’t, and in turn offer consumers products they need without huge investments and long timelines.

This is the latest Skift Global Forum 2015 video we have posted. Over the next few weeks we’ll release each of the three dozen-plus presentations from the 2015 Skift Global Forum. To keep track of them all, bookmark Skift Global Forum.

Watch the video, above, for the full 15-minute presentation.

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