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Today we are launching the latest report in our Skift Trends Reports service, Digital Video Marketing Strategies for Travel Brands.

Travel brands need to understand that video marketing isn’t just about publishing great looking videos — planning a robust distribution strategy is key. Creating content that meets travelers motivations, keeping up with what the creative community is pushing out, and doing the work in understanding which devices, video platforms, and social media channels are receptive to video will enable brands to better tell stories that target and convert would-be visitors at the right time.

YouTube and Facebook are coming out as clear leaders battling for video views as mobile devices become more popular in consuming short-form content. Brands need to pay close watch in the developments in video advertising on these two major platforms to maximize their opportunity to make an impression.

ComScore predicted in 2011 that global mobile usage will overtake desktop in 2014, and in December 2014, it reported that approximately 700 million minutes were spent on smartphones, while 600 million and 200 million were spent on desktop and tablets, respectively. We are living in a multi-screen world with mobile at its core.

Travel brands need to take this pivotal moment in digital and YouTube’s tenth birthday as a cue to re-evaluate their video strategy and align it with travelers’ appetite for video and its cross-device consumption. Further delineating between content and marketing efforts will gain more importance in allocating budget and determining key performance indicators. With the growing sophistication of video analytics and video ad networks, travel brands are an advantage to understand and leverage data to inform creative direction and distribution channels.

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