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Today we are launching the latest report in our Skift Trends Reports service, The Future of Wearables in Travel.

Though the wearable category is young and many use cases are in their early days, one thing is already quite clear: Travelers want to remove obstacles and stressors along every step of their journey, and engaging with wearables in a way that simplifies their lives.

As consumers increasingly embrace wearables, those in the travel and hospitality industry are turning to this hardware to reach and engage their audience, and improve the customer experience. From technology that lets Apple watch-wearing guests unlock their rooms to boarding passes carried, scanned and displayed on your wrist, wearables are becoming an important part of the tech-savvy traveler’s trip.

Just as mobile devices have freed consumers to communicate on the go by giving them mini-computers that fit in their pockets, wearables like smartwatches are moving essential updates to the wrist. For travelers, that means there’s no longer the need to pull out a smartphone to check a flight status, show a boarding pass or receive weather updates.

This report will explore how wearable devices can enhance the traveler’s experience from the minute she arrives at the airport to her hotel stay, which brands are leading the race to capture this segment, and what those in the industry that are interested in getting started need to know before jumping into the fray.

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