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Travel agencies that book luxury travel report such bookings are up or have remained steady so far this year, a Travel Leaders Group survey found.

Based on responses from 770 U.S.-based travel agents who book luxury travel, luxury cruise ship accommodations slightly edged out five-star hotels as the most frequently booked luxury accommodations, followed by boutique hotels [see chart below].

About 90% of survey participants said bookings “increased or remained steady” this year for luxury hotels, luxury cruise sailings, suites on cruise ships, luxury tour bookings, and first/business class airline tickets.

More participants said luxury hotel bookings increased year-over-year for 2014 compared with those who said the amount of bookings remained the same, with a combined 92% saying bookings are at or above what they were last year.

For all accommodations, a higher percentage of participants said bookings remained the same year-over-year for 2014 than year-over-year for 2013.

Luxury Accommodations Travel Agents Book Most Often

RankAccommodation% Booked
1Cruise ship (luxury)43.50%
25-star hotels/resorts43.10%
3Boutique hotels40.50%
44-star hotels/resorts23.70%
55-star hotels/resorts – suites21.50%
65-star + (plus) hotels/resorts19.10%
74-star hotels/resorts – suites19.00%
8Cruise ship (not luxury) in a suite18.40%
95-star + (plus) hotels/resorts – suites16.00%

Source: Travel Leaders Group

Photo Credit: A Radiance of the Seas cruise ship in Alaska. blmiers2 / Flickr