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Although video content is becoming more popular and easier to consume, the number of travelers that reference peer-written reviews and guides also continues to grow.

Hong Kong-based app Spottly today announced a $850,000 seed round to build a video review platform with investment from 500Startups, Cherubic Ventures, Gobi Partners, and several angel investors.

User can create video guides and reviews with a smartphone and upload it for others to find or to organize into a larger destination guide. Travelers can also search a destination for others’ videos to get a better sense of a place and discover new venues or areas to check out.

“As more and more people use social media to share their travel finds instantaneously, we found that travelers increasingly prefer beautifully curated visual recommendations, served to you right away through social media, from trusted friends and local key opinion insiders,” Spottly founder Edwyn Chan said in a statement.

“The next generation travel guide will need to be curated, instant and visual.”

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Photo credit: Screenshots of the Spottly app. Spottly