Three-Quarters of Millennial Travelers Update Social Media Once a Day

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Millennial travelers are more likely to share their experience on social media and spend time and money meeting other travelers, just two of the reasons why all major brands are adjusting their products for the growing demographic.

— Samantha Shankman

The majority of millennial travelers update social media at least once a day, according to a survey of 1,002 travelers conducted by Chase Card Services.

The travelers, aged 18 to 67 years old, stay in a hotel at least 5 nights a year for business, pleasure or both.

Almost all, or 97 percent, of millennials post on a social network when traveling and three-quarters of all millennial travelers post at least once a day while traveling.

Millennials are also more social than other travelers offline. More than half, or 57 percent of millennial travelers, want to meet other people staying at their hotel.

The survey also found millennials are the most likely to take advantage of luxury hotel amenities like dry-cleaning, spa services, and pet care.

And in a finding that seems to contrast with their affinity for luxury services is the significance of public transit to this demographic.

Eighteen percent of millennial travelers said it’s a deal break if a hotel is not near public transportation, which is at least 10 percent more than other traveler age groups.

Find the full findings from the survey below:

Chase Millennial Traveler Infographic FINAL ©

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