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The most engaging videos from travel brands in April featured perspectives of children, spoofs, and teasers to longer content.

Although destinations were the most prolific, videos from airlines had the most views and highest approval ratings. This finding closely correlates with Skift Trends Report about Online Video Strategies in the Travel Industry. Overall, 348 travel brands out of the over 2,000 tracked by SkiftIQ published 2,221 videos throughout the month.

British Airways made it to the top of the list with its “Visit Soon” narrative about an intercontinental relationship between a grade school child in Sydney with her grandparents in London. Two other brands this month harnessed the stories behind children’s ingenuity.

Edmund Thomas Clint was a seven-year-old prodigy, who died of kidney failure in 1983, but not before drawing over 25,000 renderings of Indian folklore and still-lifes. His life’s work was celebrated and featured by Kerala Tourism.

On a lighter note, four young Turkish children eventually directs a Turkish Airlines plane over their DIY landing strip situated in the mountains after multiple attempts.

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Kid’s Rule:
British Airways, Kerela Tourism, and Turkish Airlines

Web teasers that are about 30 seconds long that lead viewers to watch full length versions of the commercial or web series were effective, such as Travel Oklahoma’s “2014 Oklahoma Tourism Commercial” and Walt Disney’s “First Look: Feast Your Eyes On Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Characters. 

Jumeirah’s “Wedding in the Skies,” squeezes into the top ten, due to its total views. Besides these online video trailers, Visit Holland’s full-length, premiere episode about its culture’s cool factor did tremendously well. JetBlue’s collaboration with Funny or Die webisode, “Shoo’s Bird’s Eye View,” was heavily viewed, but its approval ratings were under the 0.90 threshold, yet worth mentioning.

Trailers Work:
Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, Oklahoma Tourism, Walt Disney World Resorts, and Visit Holland

KLM planted a hidden camera in the airport to capture passengers who were willing to unexpectedly relax and recline and rewarded that person with roundtrip business tickets. As part of April Fool’s Day, WestJet Airlines’ vice president of communications “officially” punked the airline’s customers with a how-to video about how simple it is to go metric. Vail ski resort collaborated with world-class skier Lindsey Vonn as she went undercover as sales associates for lift tickets and asks people to sing for free passes.

Laughing Helps:
KLM, WestJet, and Vail

Highest Activity and Approval Ratings

This section highlights days in which we observed a noticeable uptick (two or more standard deviations from the mean) in certain social media measurements, video views, likes, dislikes and comments.

BrandSectorVideo TitleDuration (seconds)Publish DateViewsApproval Rating
British AirwaysAirlinesBritish Airways Visit Soon1444/2/2014841,5890.969613
KLMAirlinesKLM Flat or Not1024/22/2014826,1710.955157
Kerala TourismDestinationsAbout Edmund Thomas Clint3024/23/2014311,0220.924262
Jumeirah Hotels and ResortsHotel BrandsWedding in the Skies on Burj Al Arab helipad (short)844/21/2014300,7820.894895
Visit HollandDestinationsHolland. The Original Cool. Episode 1: Can Cool be Taught?1624/7/2014295,1580.959184
WestJetAirlinesWestJet converts to metric time – April Fool’s1294/1/2014246,7640.923497
Walt Disney World ResortsDestinationsFirst Look: Feast Your Eyes On Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Characters324/11/2014228,5700.970238
VailHotel BrandsLindsey Vonn Goes Undercover as a Vail Employee3634/7/2014212,5520.954674
Travel OklahomaDestinations2014 Come See For Yourself Commercial (:30 Seconds)314/24/2014191,6901.000000
Turkish Airlines GlobalAirlinesTürk Hava Yolları | Hayal Edince1324/24/2014172,5000.983278

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Photo Credit: Still from British Airways' "Visit Soon" campaign. British Airways / YouTube