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Airline alliances will be shifting later this year for American business travelers as US Airways leaves Star Alliance (where United is the biggest partner) and joins Oneworld (where American is the biggest). Those planning ahead are already doing a bit of posturing — for example, loyal American flyers are crediting their United miles to US Airways as they plan for the US and AA programs to converge later this year.

All of this movement is going to leave Star a bit weaker in the United States (though they’re extremely strong in the EU), and there’s already talk about how United is going to forge ahead on its own. One thread on Flyertalk strongly asserts that the airline will start actively wooing elite from US Airways and maybe other airlines.

Then again, JetBlue and American just mysteriously ended their partnership on the east coast. Perhaps JetBlue and the Star Alliance have bigger plans.

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A tangle of news over the week has led us only narrowly closer to the fate of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. After Malaysian officials confirmed that the flight changed course and flew for hundreds of miles, the Chinese said they may have spotted some debris with one of their satellites. This morning, however, they concluded that their initial assessment was a mistake. All of this leads us back pretty close to square one while highlighting concerns over the aptitude of Malaysia Airlines management and what sort of location data we should be collecting in real time. It’s going to be a long weekend.

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U.S. investigators say missing Malaysia jet flew for up to 4 hours after disappearing from radars

@SamShankman – Samantha Shankman, reporter @ Skift


Malaysia denies #MH370 flew for hours; China says satellite images mistake. No end to confusion.

– @altimtr



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GroupLove Renaissance


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Your Turn

I must say that the Guardian is doing an excellent job at keeping up with the Malaysian Air news this week. On their live page they’re making active, intelligent updates and sifting out most of the detritus that flows through places like Twitter. Keep an eye on this page and you’ll see the updates flowing in.

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