Ed: We’re starting a new monthly feature on top trafficked sites in various sectors in travel, using data from SimilarWeb. We have found SimilarWeb’s traffic stats to be the most reliable barometer of consumer web activity, easily besting other comparison sites like Quantcast, Compete, Alexa, and others.

We are starting this series by first looking at global traffic to the top 25 online booking sites. The usual suspects are there, of course, but the biggest thing you notice is Booking.com is the king of online travel, in all possible ways, and still has a large runway to grow in the United States. Priceline Group’s other sites Agoda.com (focused on Asia), Priceline.com, and Kayak.com add to the heft, all coming in the top 10 ranks themselves.

TripAdvisor, between its various country sites, is the second biggest, and shows the potential in building its own direct hotel booking business. Hotelurbano.com is the newest site on the block, with a huge Brazilian audience, but the worst engagement statistics of all the top 25. Indian site Maketmytrip.com rules the roost in Indian online booking space, while Ctrip and Qunar rule in China. A few Japanese sites break into the global ranks, and the home sharing site Airbnb sneaks in the top 25, with one of the highest engagement metrics out of all (likely thanks to its great modern design).

RankSiteEstimated Visits, October 2013Time On Site (in Minutes)Page Views per VisitLeading Country
1Booking.com108 Million6:334.87United States 10.86%
2TripAdvisor.com48.5 Million3:593.71United States 48.96%
3Hotels.com29.3 Million3:253.56United States 34.92%
4Expedia.com24.3 Million6:185.58United States 79.43%
5Agoda.com22.6 Million8:126United States 9.40%
6Priceline.com17.9 Million6:338.02United States 90.63%
7TripAdvisor.co.uk17.9 Million4:283.78United Kingdom 68.74%
8Hotelurbano.com17.1 Million1:341.89Brazil 90.69%
9Kayak.com13.3 Million6:086.04United States 82.54%
10Ctrip.com12.5 Million8:029.31China 89.40%
11Travel.yahoo.com11.4 Million1:302.59United States 61.06%
12Makemytrip.com11.2 Million7:225.91India 78.73%
13Cheapoair.com10.7 Million6:044.48United States 82.10%
14Qunar.com9.5 Million6:587.67China 94.15%
15Travelocity.com9.4 Million5:466.84United States 90.27%
16TripAdvisor.fr8.8 Million4:213.67France 63.82%
17Orbitz.com8.6 Million7:066.14United States 85.63%
18Hotwire.com8 Million5:104.93United States 84.88%
19TripAdvisor.it7.7 Million4:473.63Italy 93.77%
20Decolar.com7.5 Million7:225.39Brazil 96.80%
21Travel.rakuten.co.jp7.2 Million8:4311.14Japan 96.93%
22Jalan.net6.3 Million9:5813.86Japan 95.90%
23Lastminute.com5 Million5:305.35United Kingdom 40.29%
24Bookingbuddy.com5.2 Million3:443.02United States 69.42%
25Airbnb.com4.7 Million8:3410.66United States 55.52%