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If your city is anything like BarcelonaParis, or New York, living in shared apartments is very much the norm. When it comes to trends in travel, twenty to thirty somethings have already caught the peer-to-peer rental fever, but few have realized the huge advantages of doing a room swap instead.

While statistically less common among the home exchange community there is absolutely no reason to not jump on the wave of this travel trend and test the waters in…say Brasil? The first step is easy: ask your roommate(s) if they wouldn’t mind replacing you for a week or two with someone from another country and culture. With their consent, the next step is to sign up at and fill out all the necessary information. You’ll want to also upload several catchy and clean pics of the place, and start searching and contacting other “room swap” travelers. Then sit back and let the fun begin…

1. Speak as the locals do. Meet brand new roommates who will be happy to help you practice the native tongue. Can you say “Language Exchange”?

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2. New cultural-savvy friends. You’ll find the average room swapper to be as open-minded and travel-hungry as you are. Don’t be surprised if they offer to show you around the town and point out their city’s local gems. Don’t forget to pack your camera (or smartphone) so you can share your room swap experience with new and old friends via Facebook or Instagram.

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3. Go out in true local-style. While you may prefer to wait in lines for an overcrowded tourist trap, your host might have a few tricks up his or her sleeve as to where to find the worthwhile stuff in town. Or your host may even be as gregarious as to invite you along for a night out with the “natives.” In other words: leave your guidebook at home!

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4. A culinary education. What better way to explore a new city than through your taste buds! Living with a local will give you a culinary head start as you will be able to observe what your host eats and cooks at home. Plus, you can use their suggestions to dine at only the most authentic (and usually more affordable) restaurants.

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5. Comfort verse couch. It’s a thousand times more agreeable to have your own room (and sometimes bathroom) than to sleep in a common space. That is, if you value your privacy… So ask questions when you’re setting up your room exchange to assure you will feel nice and comfy!

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There are many other reasons why traveling the world the home exchange way (or in this case room exchange way) is worth trying, such as saving all of your accommodation costs or finding yourself on an unexpected getaway. So what do you say, are you ready to rock that room swap?

This content is created collaboratively in partnership with our sponsor, Knok.

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