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Earlier this month we launched our first subscription service, the twice-monthly Global Trends Report series, focusing on trends across various sectors of travel, from across the globe.

Our second report in the series is Airports as Destinations: The Rise of User Experience.” As airports compete for choosy passengers and air routes, they are turning into destinations themselves with unique amenities. Today, an airport might be a great place to eat, shop, dance, sleep, socialize or even get married.

This report will show how the changing business environment is turning airports into more welcoming places. It will explain the history and context for the trend and what’s coming next.

And it will show how existing and emerging technologies such as smartphones and biometric scanning will soon turn airports from a mess of queues and irritations into elegant, stress-free areas. Also, this report will explore how young cities in Asia and the Middle East are planning cities around airports and integrating them into urban life in novel ways.

The first four pages of the 26-page report, including Table of Contents, are embedded below:

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About These Reports

This is second in a series of twice-monthly trends reports that brief readers on a specific trend, providing insight into the current state of the market, the context around the trend, and where the industry is heading in the near future.

After you subscribe, you will receive two reports every month, 24 in a year, direct to your inbox. Reports are delivered as a downloadable PDF.

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Photo Credit: The new Skift Global Trends Report, second in the series. PlaceIt by Breezi