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Previous Reports

Content Marketing Trends for Innovative Tourism Boards

  • Strategies on how to leverage tourists, locals and experts at destination producers
  • Optimization methods for old and new distribution channels to maximize views and ROI
  • Read about five notable case studies for destination content marketing

Free Report: The State of Student Travel

  • Who is the student traveler and what do they want travel brands to supply?
  • How the global nature of the student traveler is evolving, and how the incorporation of technology (but also one-to-one human interaction), alternative tourism activities, and even good design can help court them.
  • What brands already in the student-travel sector are up to, what they’re learning, and what all travel verticals can take from that process.

Free Report: The Changing Business of Extended-Stay Hotels

  • Who the leaders and innovators are in the extended-stay hotel industry
  • How and where extended-stay hotel brands and properties are expanding globally
  • What constitutes an extended-stay hotel and why they work for both business and leisure travelers

Venture Investment Trends in the Travel Industry: Lessons & Strategies for Travel Startups

  • Discover what type of travel startups attract venture capital funding
  • See where smart money is going
  • Understand some of the common mistakes that startups make as they seek funding and strive to build their new businesses