Jack Taylor, the elderly founder of Enterprise Rent A Car, is the richest travel investor in the U.S. with a net worth of $11.4 billion, according to the just-released Forbes list of the 400 “Richest People in America,” but when it comes to bragging rights, it’s all about the Pritzker family of Hyatt fame.

We’ve identified 30 people among the 400 (see the table below) who are involved in travel, including Liberty Media chairman John Malone ($6.7 billion) who owned a chunk of Expedia and TripAdvisor and now is a member of the Expedia board, Carnival chairman Micky Arison ($5.9 billion), and Marriott chairman Bill Marriott Jr. ($1.95 billion).

The family most widely represented on the list of the richest travel investors is the Pritzker family, with 10 members occupying spots. The Pritzkers beat out the Fertitta family (restaurants, casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship), who merely have a trio (Tillman, Frank III and Lorenzo) on the list.

In the race within the race, Thomas Pritzker ($2.7 billion), chairman of The Pritzker Organization, is the richest Pritzker on the list, and Nicholas Pritzker III ($1.3 billion) is the poorest Pritzker to make the Forbes’ Richest list.

But let’s not forget Penny Pritzker ($2.2 billion), the second richest Pritzker on the list, who also happens to be U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Penny Pritzker was edged out by Thomas Pritzker in the richest Pritzker sweepstakes by a mere $500 million.

Overall, judging from the list, casinos, hotels and restaurants appear to be very fruitful investment targets in the travel industry.

But, don’t tell that to Steven Udvar-Hazy ($3.4 billion), the CEO of Air Lease Corp., who made his mark in aircraft leasing, which is obviously a nice way to bring home an honest paycheck.

Here’s the travel-oriented investors represented on The Forbes 400:

The Richest Travel Investors in America

Forbes 400 Richest RankingNameSourceNet Worth
36Jack Taylor and FamilyEnterprise Rent A Car$11.4 billion
61John MaloneCable TV, Expedia$6.7 billion
61Elon MuskTesla Motors$6.7 billion
70Micky ArisonCarnival$5.9 billion
118Barbara Carlson Gagehotels, restaurants$3.9 billion
118Kirk Kerkoriancasinos, investments$3.9 billion
118Marilyn Carlson Nelsonhotels, restaurants$3.9 billion
143Martha Ingram and Familybook distribution, transportation$3.4 billion
143Steven Udvar-Hazyaircraft leasing$3.4 billion
151Karen Pritzkerhotels, investments$3.3 billion
166Anthony Pritzkerhotels, investments$3 billion
166Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzkerhotels, investments$3 billion
184Steve Wynncasinos, hotels$2.9 billion
201Thomas Pritzkerhotels, investments$2.7 billion
222Phillip Ruffincasinos, real estate$2.5 billion
235Tillman Fertittarestaurants, casinos$2.4 billion
252Penny Pritzkerhotels, investments$2.2 billion
260Barry Dilleronline media (Expedia)$2.1 billion
260Jean (Gigi) Pritzkerhotels, investments$2.1 billion
273Richard Marriotthotels$2 billion
293Daniel Pritzkerhotels, investments$1.95 billion
296Bill Marriott Jr.hotels$1.95 billion
296Dean Whitebillboards, hotels$1.95 billion
296Elaine Wynncasinos, hotels$1.9 billion
314Linda Pritzkerhotels, investments$1.8 billion
327Jennifer Pritzkerhotels, investments$1.7 billion
352Manuel Maroun and Familytransportation$1.5 billion
382Nicholas Pritzker IIhotels, investments$1.35 billions
386Frank Fertitta IIIcasinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship$1.3 billion
386Lorenzo Fertittacasinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship$1.3 billion
 Source: Forbes
Photo Credit: Penny Pritzker, part of the Hyatt family that's on the list, testifies before a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee in Washington. Yuri Gripas / Reuters