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SkyRest: This inflatable wedge is designed to give flyers a soft surface to lay on. Travel expert Mike Barish calls it “Obnoxiously big. Seriously.” Cost: $29.95

The Upright Sleeper: No, you’re not being transported by federal law enforcement officials, you’re getting some good shut-eye with the proper support you need. Cost: $39.99

Travel HoodiePillow: This pillow has the advantage of supporting your neck while also disguising your face while you use it. Best of both worlds. Cost: $19.95

Kuhi Comfort: Kuhi doesn’t break new ground with its pillow. Instead it just goes bigger, offering a Hummer-sized version of the traditional neck pillow. Likely counts as an extra carry-on item. Cost: $39.99

Nap Anywhere: This Kickstarter-backed project raised over $65,000 to create a head support for travelers. Buy two for total support. Cost: $49

The Ostrich Pillow: “It is neither a pillow, nor cushion, bed or garment, but a bit of each all at the same time.” Also looks like a punching bag. Cost: $99

Hooded Travel Pillow: Get a good flight’s rest while you’re enjoying your illegal rendition by covert security forces. Cost: $39.99

The Travel Halo: This pillow stabilizes your head to keep it from rocking back and forth, while the curtain keeps out light. Looks silly, seems practical. Cost: $29

The Comfy Commuter: Looks like a neck brace, works like a pillow. Cost: $39.99

Travelrest Travel Pillow: This product gives you something soft to lean on, as long as your head stays fixed in the right direction. Cost: $26.95

Travelers stuck in coach class are always seeking ways to get a better sleep, and there’s no end to companies trying to sell them a better solution. These ten products, above, offer ten different approaches to helping flyers get more shut-eye.

And for those of you who fly business class and first class: Please don’t make fun of what your coach peers have to resort to.