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If you’ve got money and like to travel, luxury travel agency Virtuoso has got you all figured out — and it’s a fair bet you want to go to Australia.

The land down under got a lot of love from the 8,000 travelers Virtuoso surveyed for its annual report, making it into the list of dream vacations for all five personality types.

Personality type Favorite trip type Dream desinations Trip of a lifetime
Relaxionist Sun & sand Italy, Australia, the Caribbean Renting a private island in the Caribbean
Trendsetter Ocean cruises Australia, South Africa, Italy Space travel
Go-getter Adventure and nature travel Australia, Italy, New Zealand African safari
Connoiseur Food and wine focused Italy, Australia, New Zealand Dining tour through Paris’ starred restaurants
Classic Ocean cruises Italy, Australia, Ireland World cruise

Virtuoso caters mostly to high-end travelers, and this demographic also showed a heavy preference for cruises, which made it into the top answers for almost every personality type.

The categories broke down as such:

  • The “go-getter” — a popular  type, with 23% of respondents — is adventurous and active. This type of traveler wants to take a cruise, go on a safari, and see something totally out of the ordinary.
  • The “connoisseur” (also 23%) likes food, wine, and art, and private tour guides.
  • The “classic” traveler (20%) is loyal to his or her favorite places and will return to them over and over.
  • The “relaxionist” (17%) wants to get away from it all, travel with no guides, and take it easy at a spa or on the beach.

The five personality types are laid out in more detail in Virtuoso’s sleek digital magazine, Virtuoso Life.  The issue also includes features on Buenos Aires, Stokholm, New Zealand, Scotland, Yosemite, and Guanajuato, Mexico.

Photo Credit: Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama Island. Marjie Lambert / Miami Herald/MCT