Skift global trend for 2013: Ancillary fees are the new normal, and it isn’t just airlines

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The unbundling of industries is a trend happening across every sector, and travel is leading through airlines and now hotels as well.

— Rafat Ali

Early Jan we released our first report, “13 Global Trends That Will Define Travel in 2013” outlining the major trends that will define travel in 2013. Below is one of the trends we see as playing out over 2013 and beyond. Download the full report below.

The travel industry has been completely upended by the unbundling of fees, with airlines leading the charge. Airlines have gone far beyond checked bag fees and are now dreaming up new paid services, including bag delivery and pre-ordered gourmet meals on board. As airlines are expected to pocket $36 billion in fees in 2012, other travel sectors are quickly getting into the act, too. Hotels are building new spas to build on these ancillary services and fees, and turning once-included services into a la carte ones in order to charge extra for additional housekeeping services, bathroom amenities, or even television.

Expect more demands from consumers for transparency with all the new fees being added on (the U.S. Federal Trade Commission will be knocking on more doors for sure), as well as a host of startups and solutions to manage and navigate around these fees.

Click on the icon below to download the full 15-page report:
13 Trends That Will Define Travel in 2013


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