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Southwest Airlines Says it Won’t Use New Technology to Upsell Passengers

Other airlines are trying to segment their customers as much as possible. But that's not something Southwest plans to copy.

4 months ago

Amtrak Starts Charging Fees for Excess Baggage

Amtrak, thankfully, says it's not trying to generate revenue by charging fees to passengers exceeding its already generous baggage allowances.

1 year ago

U.S. Airlines Collected a Record $6.4 Billion in Bag and Change Fees in 2014

These ancillary fee revenues will only continue rising until passengers get totally tired of them or the government steps in.

1 year ago

The New JetBlue Will Have More Bag Fees and Less Legroom

It's somewhat amusing that JetBlue states its mission is to "Inspire Humanity." As the airline's revenue initiatives highlight, JetBlue's latest mission actually is to win over skeptical shareholders and increase the bottom line.

2 years ago

Brazil Prohibits Airline Bag Fees But that May Change

Even U.S. and European airlines are barred from charging bag fees when transporting passengers to Brazil. The practice is under review in Brazil, but authorities are taking their time in considering any changes.

2 years ago

JetBlue Considers Charging for First Bag Under New Fare Structure

Although the fee would be optional give the new fare options, the decision would give JetBlue's competitor Southwest Airlines -- the only U.S. airline to never charge for the first bag -- enough marketing fodder to last the year.

2 years ago

U.S. Airlines Push Congress to Let Them Advertise Lower Fares, Despite Total Cost

With contradictory bills in the House and Senate, there's almost zero chance this bill will pass soon. But that doesn't mean the industry won't continue to come up with creative ways to advertise one cost while charging another.

2 years ago

Frontier Unveils New Fare Options in Transition to Becoming Ultra Low-Cost Carrier

Frontier is hoping to become the nicer of the U.S. ultra-cost carriers by giving flyers the opportunity to pay for the amenities they want or choose a fare that includes them all.

2 years ago

JetBlue May Begin Charging for the First Checked Bag Next Year

The lure of bag fees may be too much for JetBlue to resist, but it would take a big brand hit if it decides to do so. Coupled with the airline's new business class service, many passengers will wonder if the JetBlue they loved is gone forever.

3 years ago

Travelers Fed Up With Other Passengers’ Stuffed Carry-On Bags

Passengers trying to stuff their over-stuffed carry-on bags into overhead bins can really annoy other passengers waiting to grab a seat or impatient for takeoff. The airlines created this dynamic with bag fees and now some, such as United, are cracking down on passengers lugging huge carry-ons.

3 years ago

U.S. Airlines Made $4.7 Billion on Baggage and Change Fees in First 9 Months of 2013

Extra fees are making airlines' profits healthier while keeping base fares low for consumers. They're on track to increase each year, which is becoming a good thing for the industry and flyers.

3 years ago

Ryanair Gets Customer Friendly with Relaxed Carry-On Bag Rule

After a few quarters of slowed profit growth, outspoken O'Leary is stepping out of the spotlight and the airline is making major changes that will help it compete for business travelers in Europe.

3 years ago