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Las Vegas’s new ad campaign to attract a different kind of visitor falls flat

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Las Vegas has created a character to personify its city that is drastically different from the flashy gambler most Americans would imagine. The city is hoping new visitors will think of it a bit more like Las Vegasdotcom, the man: approachable, non-threatening, and liked by everybody.

— Samantha Shankman

Remember that friendly guy you once met that was strangely named after a tourism board’s website, but knew next to nothing about what went on in the city he seemed to be name after? Neither do we.

This; however, if the basis of the new ad campaign that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is launching alongside its official website today.

The ad’s objective is two-fold: educate viewers about that variety of activities that are available outside of casinos and drive them to the new tourism website.

It centers around a character, Las Vegasdotcom, an affable ‘average joe’ whose greatest misfortune is having the same name as the city’s official tourism website. He’s constantly bombarded with questions regarding events and hotels in Las Vegas, and directs his many fans to the real

“Based on our research, we know we have two audiences: the ‘core’ and the ‘persuade.’ Each audience represents more than 40 million potential visitors a year,” says Courtney Fitzgerald, a public relations manager at LVCVA.

The personification of the city as approachable Mr. Las Vegasdotcom is targeted at the “persuadables,” but falls flat by being both confusing and not very funny. It also lacks any of the flash or fun usually associated with sin city. LVCVA could have done better job by showing a more direct connection between available activities and the new website’s booking tools.

LVCVA plans to release one video ad a month featuring Mr. Las Vegasdotcom.

Let us know what you think of the following videos in the comments below:

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