Demolition of the Riviera Casino in Vegas Will Give Way to a Bigger Convention Center

In a town like Vegas where reinvention is a constant, it's no surprise that this historic property is giving way to something newer and bigger. Expanding the city's convention center seems like a solid bet, especially since Vegas is one of the top meeting and convention cities in the U.S. (if not the world). But what happens if/when the economy slumps again and meetings slow down as they did in 2008 and 2009?

Profits in Vegas Give MGM Resorts a Second Quarter Boost

MGM Resorts is smart to diversify its portfolio throughout the U.S., and not just to concentrate it in major gaming destinations like Vegas and Macau.

Las Vegas Will Get Its First Non-Stop Flights to Beijing in December

The new Hainan Airlines service will help boost Las Vegas' gambling operations and drive higher convention attendance from Asia.

CEO Interview: Celeb Chefs and Youthful Brands at Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Hotel

The evolution of Las Vegas as a lifestyle and entertainment destination is almost complete, but all of the hotels on the strip need to constantly evolve their design and culinary programming to remain competitive.

Tourists Stick to Established Destinations in North America Amid Global Demand Shift

Quintessential North American vacation destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean remain popular with travelers despite global vacation booking trends shifting to more diverse countries and cities.

Red Rock Resorts Buys Palms Las Vegas for $313 Million

Consolidation in the hospitality industry continues. It'll be interesting to see if Red Rock can revitalize the off-the-Strip property, especially as Vegas continues to evolve and grow, adding even more mega-resorts and attractions to the Strip itself .

Skift CMO Interviews: Las Vegas Invests in Virtual Reality, Lifestyle Content to Attract Conventions

Destinations have traditionally undervalued the ability of meetings-specific website content to drive convention attendance, but Las Vegas is attempting to do just that with an integrated, high-tech content delivery platform.

Skift Podcast: Do Tourism Slogans Matter in Modern Marketing?

It's not necessary to capture a destination on a bumper sticker (just ask France or Italy), but it certainly helps when it comes to modern tourism marketing.

Tourism Bureaus Band Together to Promote the Meeting Industry’s Economic Impact

Global Meetings Industry Day is an advocacy effort by hospitality and tourism companies to promote the value of face-to-face meetings, but there should be more focus on industry insight versus marketing-speak.

Las Vegas Tourists Are Spending More Money and Staying Longer

There are no better words to a tourism bureau than "staying longer, spending more."