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For the past eight years, international brand and design consultancy FutureBrand has released the Country Brand Index (CBI), an in-depth study of country brands and perceptions that surveys 3,6000 business and leisure travelers across 18 countries as well as selected experts. The survey takes into account a number of “image attributions”, including perceptions of political freedom, environmental friendliness, food, the investment climate, and safety.

This year, the study came with a twist. In addition to looking at the top country brands–a list filled with the usual suspects, like Switzerland, Japan, the U.S., and Germany–FutureBrand created a new list. The Future 15 features countries on the rise, countries that are polishing their brands and emerging across six key future drivers: governance (the government’s ability to protect people, having a solid legal framework), investment, human capital (strength, productivity, health, and happiness of citizens), growth, sustainability (financial management, resource dependence, and sticking to international norms), and the ever-elusive influence (economic, political, and cultural).

The full study, embedded below:

FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index

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