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Video: Starwood’s Former CEO on Not Being Devoured by Disruption

Travel brands want to think they have a clear view of where competition is coming from, but it often takes distance to understand the true threats.

18 hours ago

For Hotel CEOs, Understanding the Magic Behind Branding Has Never Been More Crucial

The biggest news from last week’s hospitality conferences was that there wasn’t much news. But where there was, it all had to do with a single theme: branding. Here’s why.

4 months ago

Why Norwegian Cruise Line Is Spending $400 Million to Update Old Ships

Norwegian Cruise Line is being strategic about deploying new ships to growing markets and bringing its aging fleet up to a better standard. But it still faces a challenge in communicating what exactly a Norwegian cruise experience is.

5 months ago

Alitalia Gets a New Look That’s in Line With Etihad’s Broader Ambitions

They say dress for the job you want. The new Alitalia uniforms are stylish and the campaign is emotive. Alitalia's look suits the job of being an Etihad Group brand. For those who believe brand defines long-term success, this is the case study to watch.

5 months ago

Marriott, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental Among the Most Digitally Adept Hotel Brands

Being a digital savvy hotel brand goes beyond just having a social media account. Brands that truly understand digital brand strategy in all its forms, from mobile and SEO to social and e-commerce, have the upper hand as more and more consumers demand these platforms and services.

7 months ago

Rhode Island Tourism Chief Resigns Over Botched Campaign Debut

The response to the rollout demonstrated the sad state of Rhode Island's leadership. Side note: We like the new logo.

7 months ago

What Top Designers Think of Milton Glaser’s New Rhode Island Tourism Logo

Considering all the political fights over who was going to pay for Rhode Island's tourism rebranding, we're surprised this logo looks as good as it does.

7 months ago

SeaWorld Is Going to Have to Learn to Live Without Shamu

If SeaWorld can make this pivot it will be one of the more successful repositions in tourism history.

7 months ago

Yosemite National Park Icons Will Change Names Tomorrow in Trademark Flap

Whatever way you slice it, Delaware North is the bad guy here. Nobody expects the federal government to be savvy about these things.

8 months ago

Donald Trump’s Hotel Mini-Empire Reveals Branding in Crisis

Trump the candidate is not doing Trump the hotel brand any favors at all. Neither is Trump the businessman now, for that matter.

8 months ago

Alaska Airlines Reveals Comprehensive New Branding

The new Alaska Airlines brand is a case-study in getting it right. While clearly updated with a modern lines and a new palette, the new brand carries the best of Alaska Airlines' legacy in its DNA.

9 months ago

Twitter Users Respond to Trademark Attack on National Park Landmarks

There is no way this branding battle will not have an adverse affect on Delaware North's relationship with its existing clients.

9 months ago