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There's next to no demand for DVRs in rooms unless there's a service that could link it to your home. But even LodgeNet couldn't pull off a deal like that with local cable operators -- especially when you can sidestep it all with your own tablet or laptop.

… DVRs are more of a superfluous accessory than a sought-after amenity for guests.

“The technology works as promised, but (guests) don’t want to use it,” said Ben Bethel, GM of [Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix]. “We don’t see guests using (the DVRs) at all.”

Bethel added that the DVRs never took off because guests weren’t staying long enough to record shows. “These days, it seems there isn’t need for cable, satellite or DVRs in guestrooms because most people stream their content from their laptops or hand-held device,” he said.


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