September 27, 2013

African Low-Cost Upstart Fastjet Postpones First International Flight

June 27, 2013

The tourist Obama goes to Africa, and brings with him big hopes for tourism

June 8, 2013

What the Obama visit will mean to Tanzanian tourism

April 9, 2013

Tanzania blocks Maasai from grazing lands to attract hunting tourism

March 27, 2013

East African tourism ministers fed up with negative images

December 21, 2012

Hotels in Dar es Salaam are in deep … And the sewage problem is the state’s fault

December 7, 2012

Tanzania’s new low-cost carrier FastJet could come under criticism for too low fares

November 26, 2012

Africa’s new budget airline FastJet readies for inaugural flight through Tanzania this Thursday

November 18, 2012

Tanzania looks to tourism to eliminate poverty with launch of global marketing campaign

Tickets are now on sale for Fastjet, Africa’s most ambitious low-cost carrier

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