October 25, 2014

Dubai Now Wants to Be the Capital of Medical Tourism

September 25, 2014

Dubai Adds Medical Tourism to Its Growing List of Attractions

August 15, 2014

Houston Hospitals Decry Restrictions on Wealthy Medical Tourists

July 21, 2014

Chinese Tourists Spark Growth of Global Medical Tourism Market

April 7, 2014

Can Florida Become the Next Big Medical Tourism Hot Spot?

March 31, 2014

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism to the Dominican Republic Rises, So Do Complications

March 4, 2014

Thailand Tourism Wants to Help You Fix What’s Wrong With Your Face

January 15, 2014

Colorado Airport Provides Drop Boxes So Travelers Can Leave Pot Behind

December 29, 2013

Europeans with Alzheimer’s Seek More Affordable Personal Care Abroad

November 5, 2013

Medical Tourism May Be More Hype Than Reality

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