August 27, 2014

Hawaii Ponders Impact of Global Warming on Tourism

May 18, 2014

Miami Knows It’s Dealing With the Effects of Climate Change

April 22, 2014

Miami’s Tourism Industry Isn’t Ready for Dramatic Effects of Climate Change

April 8, 2014

Cost of Limes Is Too Sky High for Some U.S. Airlines

April 7, 2014

The Effect of Climate Change on European Tourism

March 31, 2014

How Climate Change Is Threatening Coastal Tourism and Recreation

August 24, 2013

Puerto Rico Is Not Prepared to Battle Climate Change

August 3, 2013

Greenland Has Its Highest Temperature Ever, at 80 Degrees F

July 22, 2013

New York Senator Asks for Help After Heat Wave Derails and Delays Trains

July 20, 2013

European Politicians Claim Obama Not Doing Enough to Stop Aviation Pollution

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