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New Trends Report: The Rise of Female Business Travelers


Jun 10, 2014 10:30 am

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There are significant business opportunities available to smart brands who cater to the needs of female business travelers. Get the report to understand more.

— Jason Clampet

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Timothy Krause  / Flickr

Timothy Krause / Flickr

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Our twice-monthly Skift Trends Report series takes a deep dive into industry trends across various sectors of travel.

The latest report in the series, The Rise of Female Business Travelers launches today.

Female business travelers aren’t new. What is new is that travel companies are finally treating them not just with the respect they deserve, but as customers they can sell new and better products.

Female Business Travelers are poised to make up a significant share of the Business Travel Market. They already control 60% of the wealth in the U.S. and influence 85% of all purchasing decisions. Women are high-tech, mobile, connected, and social. They like to book on the move and represent 58% of online sales.

Learning how to attract and retain the loyalty of Female Business Travelers is key for travel brands who want to maintain their competitive edge by getting ahead of this influential trend.

Women mean business.

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The first five pages of the 24-page report, including the Executive Summary and Table of Contents, are embedded below:

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About These Reports

This is the eighteenth in a series of twice-monthly trends reports that brief readers on a specific trend, providing insight into the current state of the market, the context around the trend, and where the industry is heading in the near future.

After you subscribe, you will receive two reports every month — 24 in a year — direct to your inbox. Reports are delivered as a downloadable PDF.

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