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San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Is Being Turned Into an Airbnb Rental


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Airbnb will continue to become a platform that unusual projects can turn to for financial support and to drum up consumer interest.

— Samantha Shankman

The Bay Bridge House will be constructed out of steel from the original Bay Bridge.

Its floors will be composed of pavement with original lane markers still in tact.

The Bay Bridge House will be part museum, part Airbnb rental.

The original Bay Bridge will take three years to pull apart.

Airbnb’s newest listing is more than a little embedded in the fabric of the company’s home city.

Entrepreneur┬áDavid Grieshaber is planning to turn parts of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge into a museum and an apartment that will be rented on the SF-based rental website.

The building will be made out of steel from the bridge and the floors will be made out of its pavement.

The goal of the project is to keep a piece of the historical bridge in its home city.

Although the bridge is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the majority of scraps will be shipped to Asia when its three-year deconstruction is complete.

Grieshaber plans to keep the building financially sustainable by renting the apartment on Airbnb. It is sure to become one of the most coveted listings for locals and visitors.

In addition to reusing materials for the structure of the house, the design will also incorporate environmentally friendly features like a green roof, rainwater recycling, and solar energy.

Watch Grieshaber drive over the Bay Bridge with a GoPro below:

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