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Airbnb’s Next Big Opportunity: Mobile Instant Bookings

Excerpt from TheAtlantic

Aug 13, 2013 11:41 am

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Getting all the Airbnb buyers and sellers onto a common platform, that’s the goal. And that platform is the biggest one possible: mobile. It would also give it a big leg up on HomeAway and others.

— Rafat Ali

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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky: Friction is the biggest product thing we’re working on. We have a new product called insta-book. About 1-2 percent of properties have it. It’s like a hotel. You click, and it’s reserved. One thing that we’re doing is trying to shift every host to mobile. We’ll eventually get to a place where every booking is insta-book….Imagine Uber if every driver didn’t have a phone. And every driver had to drive home to check the laptop to see when a ride was available. Think about how much friction Uber would have. In our business, if a seller has a mobile device, it could simulate the responsive and the up-to-dateness of a hotel. This is why mobile is transformational for our business. It means a seller can act like a company, in the best possible way.

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