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JetBlue’s crew is getting a brand new look in 2014


Apr 03, 2013 6:51 am

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A crew that feels it looks good is always going to perform better than one that feels it is stuck in last decade’s closet. Just ask the high-flying, well-dressed men and women of Virgin’s airlines.

— Jason Clampet

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JetBlue wants its crew to look better, so they’re rolling out new uniforms for everyone from pilots to ground crew starting in Spring 2014, according to a new video that has surfaced (embedded below).

“We’ve had the same uniform for 12 years,” says crew member Rosie Lavoie, who contributed to the redesign.

The uniforms were designed by Michael Schwarz of legendary uniform design brand Stan Herman, who did McDonald’s, Fedex, Avis, and multiple hotels and casinos. Stan Herman also did JetBlue’s original uniforms twelve years ago.

JetBlue had crew members from each operating group meet with the designers “We have our frontline crew members who wear the uniforms everyday at the table with us telling us directly and specifically what they need in a uniform,” says Lisa Borromeo, Director, Brand Management and Advertising.

“He understood JetBlue. It’s like he had JetBlue in his DNA,” says DC Harris, who’s in airport operations.

The new uniforms and the process involved in creating them are described in the video below. Following that are the dress guidelines for the existing uniforms. It’s interesting if only for advice like this: “Follow these tips to put your best foot forward and bring the JetBlue Experience to life, in style.”

In case you wanted to get geeky on specs for its currentĀ uniforms, this document below will give you everything you want:

Download (PDF, 569KB)

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