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The Times Square shuttle that wants to take riders to Scottsdale


Feb 06, 2013 11:08 am

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This is the first subway takeover ever created by the Scottsdale tourism board, but the high visibility of such a campaign could more than cover the costs it took to position itself at the busiest intersection in New York.

— Samantha Shankman

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Take the S train from Times Square to Grand Central and you might feel like you just stepped onto a golf course, a spa in Scottsdale, or the Sonoran desert.

The Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau spent approximately $300,000 to take over the busy subway line in February. The tourism board bought the wrap ad, which covers the chairs, ceilings, and doors of the subway cars, through CBS Outdoor.

The advertisement is one part of Scottsdale’s warm-weather tourism campaign that targets residents in the currently frozen cities of New York, Chicago, Denver, and Toronto.

The campaign also promotes the city’s currently 66-degree weather on TV, billboards, and weather.com. In advertising strategy that almost seems too cruel to be true, users in the targeted cities will be met with a Scottsdale ad promoting the city’s local weather forecast whenever the temperature drops to a certain level.

Higher prices means more views

A subway wrap is one of the most expensive advertising spaces offered by CBS Outdoors, which also handles the advertisements seen on buses, commuter trains, and highways.

CBS Outdoor quoted the advertising space on the S train at $300,000, which includes the space, production for printing the vinyl, and installation. The price can go up to $350,000 for the track 3, which includes four cars instead of the three.

“It’s the wow factor,” says a salesperson at CBS Outdoors. An estimated 100,000 people every day for the next month.

See more images of Scottsdale’s S train below:

Scottsdale’s Western Ads

Scottsdale’s Western Ads

Scottsdale’s Western Ads

Scottsdale’s Golf Ads

Scottsdale’s Golf Ads

Scottsdale’s Golf Ads

Scottsdale’s Spa Ads

Scottsdale’s Spa Ads

Scottsdale’s Spa Ads

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