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Jan 22, 2013 8:00 am

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This is the new battleground for big-ticket destination marketing.

— Rafat Ali

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Early Jan we released our first report, “13 Global Trends That Will Define Travel in 2013” outlining the major trends that will define travel in 2013. Below is one of the trends we see as playing out over 2013 and beyond. Download the full report below.

Starring in a film has become a surefire way to boost tourism for a destination. Tourism in New Zealand boomed following the Lord of Rings trilogy and the country’s tourism board has every intention of that happening again with the release of The Hobbit. A huge marketing campaign aimed to make the country synonymous with “middle-earth” included aircraft livery and in-flight videos.

VisitBritain similarly integrated tourism marketing efforts with the Bond film Skyfall just as the U.S. state of Virginia began touting itself as the site of Lincoln’s filming and North Carolina turned Hunger Games into an advertisement for its outdoors.

Now destination marketing organizations are realizing the trend and looking to convert international attention a destination can draw from a movie into travel bookings. Expect to see the trend pick up in 2013 with more planned campaigns and bids to become the venue— beyond tax break incentives—for highly anticipated movies.

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13 Trends That Will Define Travel in 2013


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