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UK cabin crew survey identifies their ideal air passenger

Nov 14, 2012 11:29 am

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The surveyed crews have basically identified frequent, corporate flyers who are in the air enough to understand what behavior is best to make flights better.

— Jason Clampet

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A study claims to have pinpointed the ideal air passenger as a single, male 30-something.

The survey, completed by more than 700 international cabin crew, identified the best passengers as men aged between 31 and 40, who travel for pleasure rather than business and sit in economy class.

According to cabin crew operating in British airspace, English men are most likely to be the perfect passenger, with men from Wales deemed the least favourite.

Luxury loving celebrities are also best avoided, the respondents suggested – cabin crew in general said they would prefer to work in economy class rather than serving passengers in first or business class.

The cabin crew also identified some of the most annoying passenger habits they encounter in their work.

Passengers clicking their fingers to gain attention was the most widespread bugbear of those questioned, with 26 per cent identifying it as their biggest gripe.

Other irritating habits included rushing to leave the plane before seatbelt signs are turned off, trying to cram too much hand luggage in overhead lockers, talking through safety demonstrations, and stuffing rubbish into the seat pockets.

Lower level annoyances were ringing the attendant bell to complain about temperatures, and asking for a specific brand of drink.

The survey was carried out by the travel search website Skyscanner, who posed questions to cabin crew of 85 different nationalities.

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