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SkiftAds of the Week: British Airways, Priceline.com, Indonesia, Downtown Dubai


Nov 05, 2012 2:20 pm

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Slow week, but British Airways series certainly breaks through.

— Rafat Ali

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We’re back with SkiftAds of the Week, after a break last week due to the Hurricane Sandy disruption. There is a surprisingly low volume of new ads in the last two weeks as most travel advertisers in U.S. are waiting until after the presidential elections to break out campaigns.

Still, there are some good ones, including this delightful campaign from British Airways called, “Europe with British Airways,” aimed at British travelers going to Europe and considering options beyond the low-cost airlines that currently rule these routes.

“We believe that when travelling to Europe, the journey is just as important as the destination. Flying is something to be enjoyed and not endured. That’s why we have put special thought into helping you make the most of your time away.” That says it all.


Priceline.com: The ad showcases its new iPad app and all the features it has. Featuring Shatner, of course.


New Zealand: This is less of an traditional ad and more of a short film, which tries to weave a story around a destination. “Griffin, Christian, David and Graeme are old high school friends. They traded everything from clothes to hockey gear for some cultural kaboom in New Zealand.”


Indonesia: A new film from Indonesia Tourism Board, titled “Wonderful Indonesia.” This is what happens when too many Instagram filters meets tourism marketing. Pretty? yes, but Indonesian landscape doesn’t really need all these filters.


Trainline: This ad from UK’s rail booking site Trainline has been causing some waves. Generally known for its quirky advertsing, this one surely goes for the over the top, slapstick routine to get the message across.


Downtown Dubai: Speaking of over the top, Dubai certainly knows how to do that. This new ad from Emaar, the developer behind the world’s tallest tower and major parts of downtown Dubai, tries to brand that one square kilometer of the city as the new heart of the city and a tourism destination in itself.


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