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Mapping The Travel Tech Ecosystem: Skift Travel Tech 250

One of Skift’s stated aims is to demystify and dejargonify the travel industry.

As part of that aim we are launching our first ever travel industry mapping project, what we’re calling Skift Travel Tech 250. These are the 250 travel tech companies that are shaping the modern day travel experience.

We have visualized them in a cluster map below for you, with the traveler at the center of it all, and companies categorized along where they fall in the full travel cycle.

We also recognize that the travel industry is in constant flux, with new brands and disruptors coming on line all of the time. The design we chose for this visualization is exactly that – a snapshot of what the industry looks like today.

You will also notice that the focus in this map is on consumer-facing travel tech companies and one level deep on the B2B side. That is where we cut it off for this map, and will tackle the full B2B part of the travel tech sector in a future project.

The size of the bubbles denoting companies in the sector is based on a proprietary algorithm developed by tech advisory firm Brand New Matter in association with Skift. The 250 companies were chosen from a much larger pool of companies in the travel tech space based on their market position as it stands today in 2016. For each of the company, we collected data in three areas: Traffic, Skift Editorial Recognition and Social Credibility. We weighted each area separately and combined all to find the TSR - Total Skift Ranking.

We do realize that this map is not perfect: we may have missed some companies, and many companies in the complex travel tech sector operate across multiple distinct categories.

In the map below, click to zoom into the sectors and companies.

Tech 250

Two hundred and fifty companies shaping the modern-day travel experience

The Travel



  • Inspiration
  • Alternative
  • Business Travel
  • Tours & Activities
  • Vacations & Tours
  • Deals Sites
  • Messaging
  • Ground Transport
  • OTA
  • Metasearch
  • Niche


  • Booking Engines
  • Revenue
  • Distribution

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