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Big Game Hunting Tourists Trumpet Their Contributions to African Economies

We found it very hard to get too upset about Cecil, but we think that hunting tourism is a simplistic, narrow-minded practice that appeals to the worst instincts in people and reduces African destinations to outdated cliches.

5 months ago

Fastjet Expanding to Zimbabwe and Zambia After Slower Start Than Planned

It's good to see Fastjet thriving and carving out new markets where others have fallen short.

1 year ago

Poachers Poison 80 Elephants in Zimbabwe’s Largest National Park

Despite the loss, it's hard to think there will be a serious crackdown on the poachers under the Mugabe government.

3 years ago

Botswana to Extract Water from Victoria Falls to Meet Growing Demand

Botswana's move to get water for its people gives Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe an idea: How can I steal the water for myself?

3 years ago

UNWTO Still on the Defensive for Picking Zimbabwe as Summit Co-Host

The UNWTO's decision to co-host the summit in Zimbabwe is further weakened by Zimbabwe's reliance on outside consultants to make it happen as well as Mugabe's pie-in-the-sky African Disneyland plans.

3 years ago

UN Chooses Zimbabwe to Lead African Tourism Development

Zimbabwe's Mugabe also spent this week lashing out at western governments for both meddling and their lack of support in the nation he's driven into the ground over the last few decades. Even if he has a point (which he doesn't, really), his country will not be able to drive tourism with that rhetoric.

3 years ago

Zimbabwe looks to lure more Chinese visitors via streamlined visa system

China's focus in Africa has been entirely on development and trade links, but Zimbabwe's move signals at least a small acknowledgment that countries could also appeal to millions of Chinese leisure travelers.

4 years ago

Why wildlife protection in Zimbabwe relies on the growth of safari tourism

A recent decision by the Indian court reinforces the truth that the absence of tourism leaves animals vulnerable to mining and hunting industries, which are much less concerned with wildlife welfare.

4 years ago

Will opening tyrant Robert Mugabe’s old home to tourists help Zimbabwe’s nascent tourism industry?

Zimbabwe is ready to offer up any of its historical and natural resources to keep the tourism industry growing, but the plan could backfire if Westerners are turned off by the glorification of a despot.

4 years ago

Should British tourists now consider going back to Zimbabwe?

Not supporting the Mugabe regime is a very good reason to criticize or ignore a country, but British travelers need to make sure it's this that bothers them and not fairy tale notions of how much better things were under colonialism.

4 years ago