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Trashing a Hotel on TripAdvisor May Soon Be Protected, Thanks to U.S. Congress

Let's be clear: Not all hotel guests and review-writers are angels. But the solution is not dodgy hotel contracts and taking punitive actions against customers. Business owners, as well as consumers, should remember the wisdom of the crowds is pretty good at protecting from one-sided and impure reviewers.

1 month ago

Yelp Makes a Profit and Beats Estimates as Stock Takes Off

Yelp has a tremendous opportunity in local advertising but there is also intense competition. One big caution is that half of Yelp's traffic comes from Google and that makes it way too dependent on a company which isn't exactly a fan.

2 months ago

Google Feasts on its Own Restaurant Reviews, Angering TripAdvisor and Yelp

If Google is using the "wisdom of the crowds" to determine how it arranges restaurant information in search results then in a lot of ways it believes professional reviews, and especially those from its Zagat franchise, trump user reviews. But when it gets down to displaying the text of diners' reviews, Google unfairly believes that its own consumer reviews are the fairest of them all.

2 months ago

TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking Push May Signal Larger Trend in Booking Behavior

Does a dramatic reduction in outbound traffic from online travel agency sites mean they are getting stickier or are they perhaps consciously retaliating against hotel-chain websites for direct-booking campaigns? Or is something else up?

4 months ago

Yelp Is Betting on Mobile-First Strategy to Reverse Slide

Yelp's frustrating attempt to push users from the mobile web to its smartphone app has apparently paid off.

8 months ago

Yelp’s Struggles and the Evolution of Online User Reviews

The next great user review product will need to balance the ease of reviewing with the reliability of the review. That's not a balance that any of the major players are willing to embrace yet.

10 months ago

Yelp and OpenTable End Their Long-Running Partnership as Rivalry Grows

Given the fact that Yelp acquired SeatMe a couple of years ago, it was only a matter of time before the Yelp partnership became as stale as yesterday's bagels. With Yelp, Priceline's OpenTable, TripAdvisor's The Fork, and countless startups such as Reserve pushing ahead, the competition in the restaurant reservations sector will only get more heated.

10 months ago

Yelp Partners With U.S. Federal Government on User Reviews

Uh oh, the U.S. government is now sanctioning unverified user reviews. Even Donald Trump's undocumented immigrants can chime in about the TSA or IRS. Seriously, this is a smart move by the feds to use a modern tool such as Yelp to get feedback. Let the games begin.

1 year ago

Skift Global Forum 2015: The Science and Art of Online User Reviews

Travel brands must be conscious about how people express themselves online to provide a platform-specific personalized customer service.

1 year ago

Yelp Is No Longer Actively Looking for a Buyer

Yelp would like to be more like TripAdvisor. But it's not.

1 year ago

Handicapping the Most Likely Buyers For Yelp

Any of the big travel industry players should be looking at Yelp seriously, though they're likely to be outbidded by some of the mainstream tech players.

1 year ago

Yelp Is Exploring a Sale, Reports Wall Street Journal

Yelp's wealth of local data and reviews could make it an attractive buy for a large Internet company like Google, Facebook or even TripAdvisor, which has expressed interest in restaurant reviews.

1 year ago