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Join Skift at World Travel Market on Nov. 9 to Explore Disruptions in Hospitality

Skift will explore the disruptions in hospitality on the big stage at WTM London.

1 day ago

Mobile Technology Making Further Inroads Into In-Market Travel Decisions

Not to be flip, but tell us something we don't know. Mobile and in-market are the future of travel.

12 months ago

What’s Behind 9 Hot Topics at World Travel Market This Year

Not all trends are created equal, but they're good conversation starters nonetheless.

3 years ago

LGBT leisure travel is an untapped gold mine, says LGBT marketing specialist Out Now

Although the source should be taken with a grain of salt, destinations and brands that tap into this branding power are sure to see the benefits.

4 years ago

Why is another £2 tax on travelers in Britain such a big deal?

It's understandable why the British hate the APD tax (the highest in the world), but it's unclear why the next increase, which in line with inflation, seems to be the straw to break the tourists' backs.

4 years ago

Hoteliers are puzzled by how to do deal with multinational online payments

A prepaid model or third-party booking engine has emerged as possible alternatives for hotels looking to streamline their online payment process for all potential guests.

4 years ago

Travel bloggers say that travel bloggers can improve a destination’s image

Despite the story's title, there's little evidence to support the argument that travel bloggers swarming a destination to tweet and blog about it will drive real bookings.

4 years ago