Hotels Increasingly Offer Safety and Stereotypes in Rooms for Solo Women

Dukes Hotel’s new female-specific rooms highlight personal safety, but they also reinforce gender stereotypes. The bigger question is: Do they really think these measures are serving women better or is the real goal to use women as a marketing gimmick?

Virgin Hotels Thinks It Knows What Female Travelers Want

There's a bit of the "what guys think women want" to this that could have been solved by, say, talking to a few more women. But since the "female-friendly" features are good for everyone we won't complain too much.

Online Travel Gets a Woman CEO and a Rebrand

Toni Portmann inherits the distribution side of the Pegasus business, which formerly provided both hotel reservations services and distribution. In so doing, she will lead the healthier segment as the hotel reservations' portion has drastically given up market share over the last few years.

The Simple Solution to Hotels’ Chinese Marketing Concerns

These demographic differences will likely become more pronounced as the Chinese traveler community grows, making them worth taking note of in the competitor for the high-spending guests.

Travel Companies Highlight Privacy to Attract Rising Number of Female Business Travelers

Female business travelers are one of the fastest growing demographics in global today making them a prime target for travel companies, which in this case results in more privacy and security for those women traveling alone.

The Changing Dynamics of Female Travelers

It's frustrating that we're still discussing this but it's positive that things are changing.

Women Account for Fewer Than 5% of Airline CEOs Around the World

At the end of the day, airlines are customer-service companies and it will benefit their customers and operations to have leadership that better reflects who is flying today.

What Social Media Means for Women Who Want to Travel the World Alone

Much has been written about the impact mobile devices and social media are having on the travel experience, but there are profound implications for female travelers, in particular, who can use the tools to feel safer when on the road alone.

What Do Female Business Travelers Want Out of Airport Lounges

Accommodating the needs of the fastest growing business traveler segment makes complete economic sense for the companies operating the lounges, and for airlines it means building long-term loyalty relationships with a big spending group.

India Has Done Little To Safeguard Female Travelers

The Indian government's answer to women travelers getting attacked is to tell them not to travel alone at night. In other words, according to this logic, women should travel in groups or shutter themselves in hotels and hostels in the evening. Disgraceful.