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The 5 Airline Websites Best Designed for Up Selling Flyers

Ideaworks believes that web design which makes it easier for consumers to know about and purchase a la carte ancillary products is essential to encouraging these sales. Call it hate-selling with a human face.

8 months ago

Canada’s Troubled Economy Contributes to WestJet’s Profit Decline

Canada's home-grown economic challenges mean its airlines won't be raking in the profits its U.S. peers are enjoying.

9 months ago

Best Travel Ads this Week: Father’s Day Pride

June is an opportune time for travel brands to celebrate the role of fathers and milestones of same-sex marriages, but they need to be careful not to exploit the occasion and the movement.

1 year ago

WestJet’s New Fee for the First Checked Bag Is Good News for Air Canada

A smart Air Canada would offer the bags for a bit cheaper than WestJet, but we'll see how smart they are.

2 years ago

Canada’s WestJet to Buy Larger Planes for New Hawaii Routes

The widebody jets make sense, but Southwest has been able to make lots of cents from flying one plane exclusively across its entire fleet.

2 years ago

Top 10 Most Popular Travel Brands on YouTube in June

At this point, vacationers have already made their holiday plans. It's good timing to publish videos that entertain as opposed to ones that promote.

2 years ago

WestJet Shows Passenger Growth as Battle for Air Canada’s Business Flyers Ensues

WestJet succeeded last quarter at growing passenger volume and revenue at a rate that outpaced rising fuel and operational costs; something that all airlines today are striking to do.

2 years ago

WestJet Will Rent Tablets For Wi-Fi To Passengers Who Don’t Have Them

Providing tablets for passengers who didn't bring a computing device is a nice add-on service, and WestJet will make a few bucks (Canadian) out of the program.

3 years ago

WestJet May Bid on DCA Slots As Challenge To Air Canada Grows

Founded as an airline catering to leisure travelers, WestJet is injecting additional competition to transborder services between Canada and the U.S., and with expanded schedules will attract more business travelers.

3 years ago

Airlines Top the List of the 13 Most Watched Video Travel Ads of 2013

Companies across all industries are getting more creative and playful with ads in hopes of a viral hit. These brands have the added benefit of working with planes, beaches, and hotel rooms, which tend to excite viewers even before adding the harlem shake.

3 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: WestJet Viral Video and More Holiday Cheer

3 years ago

How An Airport’s Revenue Guarantee to An Airline Backfired

Every community wants it: An airline that decides to bring in tourists to the local airport. But, the economics of revenue guarantees to airlines can get very complicated if the parties don't know what they are doing.

3 years ago