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Travelers Can No Longer Wear Glasses in U.S. Passport and Visa Photos

In banning eyeglasses in passport and visa photos, the U.S. State Department states that resultant shadows and poor-quality images can lead to processing delays. If this gets everyone through Miami International Airport faster ...

6 days ago

Canada Offers Mexico Visa-Free Travel in Exchange for Chance to Sell It More Beef

This comes at a time when travel between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are highly valued by smart leaders in each nation. Canada wants to sell its beef, but it wants Mexican tourists with money nearly as much.

4 months ago

What the Brexit May Mean for International Travelers

The good news? No matter how bad this goes down it will look wonderful when compared to the Rio Olympic games.

4 months ago

Turkey and EU’s Visa-Free Travel Deal is on the Verge of Breaking Down

The EU needs to become more liberalized in its view of visa-free travel and consider which countries actually pose a risk to its universal culture and values.

5 months ago

EU Changes Visa Waiver Program Due to Terrorism Concerns and Migrant Crisis

Travel for Europeans in Europe could become more complicated. The EU is making these changes from a place of weakness and it's unlikely that the new rules will have the intended effect.

5 months ago

Europe Mulls Requiring Visas for American and Canadian Visitors

Europe's proposed move to require visas for American and Canadian visitors would be a blow to the EU's tourism industry and appears to be retaliation for the fact that several European countries aren't part of the U.S. visa waiver program.

7 months ago

Commerce Secretary, Marriott CEO Call for More Data-Sharing to Enhance Security

It will take both the public and private sectors working together to see that security data is regularly shared in a transparent fashion.

7 months ago

Chinese Who Bought Portugal Properties For Visas Are Fed Up With Empty Promises

Portugal decided to mortgage its resident visas to foreign property buyers and now should make good on its promises.

9 months ago

6 Charts That Explain the State of Global Tourist Visas in 2016

The world has less restrictive visa policies in 2016 than it did before the global economic crisis. Let's hope temporary setbacks from terror attacks and security fears don't cause governments to send us backwards.

9 months ago

The Austrian Company Ready to Replace the Passport With a Smartphone

We need a new generation of passports, but privacy concerns with the existing e-Passports will only increase if you add in everything that our smartphones already know about us.

10 months ago

Sweden’s New Travel Restrictions Signal a Return to Europe’s Borders

The lack of leadership on issues like this around the world is only equalled by the misplaced fear.

10 months ago

EU Planning to Tighten Border Crossings and Passport Controls

We are used to seeing more red tape coming out of Brussels than real security planning, so we'll be surprised if this actually works.

10 months ago