Hospitality Reenvisioned Through Data and Mobile

The digital transformation of hospitality and travel is underway, and it mirrors the changes most brands and consumers now see across the broader business ecosystem.

Airlines Are Auctioning Seats Rather Than Upgrading Loyal Passengers

Airlines aren't in the business of giving stuff away for free any more, so expect more airlines to consider seat auctions or other ways to monetize items they used to give away to loyal flyers.

Virgin Atlantic CEO Already Sees Low-Cost Norwegian Air Hurting U.S. Fares

The transatlantic route has long been one of the world's most profitable ones. Then Norwegian Air came it and is upsetting long-held assumptions.

Redefining Hospitality With Digital Tools for the Travel Industry

Explore with us where the travel industry is headed, technologically. The time has come to look at what the future holds for hospitality, and every travel vertical, as an industry that uses digital tools to better reach customers — and re-envisions itself along the way.

Virgin Atlantic Says British Departure From EU Could Lead to Fleet Changes

The flip side of a pro-exit vote by the UK Is a Europe given an economic stimulus by London-based companies looking for a new home, like Virgin.

Delta’s Partnership via Equity Strategy Takes an $81 Million Hit in Brazil

When airlines such as Delta and Etihad opt to make investments in partner airlines around the globe instead of making acquisitions, which can trigger regulatory hassles, the investor carriers are going to be subject to economic turmoil in partners' domestic markets. That just goes with the territory.

Why Delta Is Virgin America’s Most Likely Suitor

We love the idea of a JetBlue and Virgin America merger, but loving the notion does not make it any more likely. Assuming that anyone will one day buy Virgin America, we believe it will be Delta. Go on, though, JetBlue. We would be delighted to be wrong.

Virgin Atlantic to Spend $4.3 Billion on 12 Airbus Jets

Virgin Atlantic has long been on the forefront of cabin comfort, but it needs new planes to keep up with competitors which just recently began to outclass them at times.

Delta’s Investments in Global Airlines Are a New, More Powerful Alliance

Who needs alliances when you can be a bully in the boardroom?

Video: Virgin Atlantic’s CEO on Not Chasing Competitors

Virgin's unique position comes with its own challenges, but it also allows the airline to go it alone when necessary, confident its relationship with its best passengers will help it out.