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Proposed Alaska Air-Virgin America Merger Hits Minor Snag in San Francisco Federal Court

The important stuff is happening in Washington, D.C. where the Department of Justice is considering whether it will seek to block the Alaska Airlines/Virgin America merger. This is more of a minor hiccup, but it's undoubtedly annoying for the two airlines.

3 days ago

Alaska Air CEO: The Deal for Virgin America is Still on Despite Delay

There's been some drama related to Alaska's proposed acquisition of Virgin America, but many industry insiders still expect the deal to get done. And Alaska executives remain publicly confident that they will get their prize. The big question is when.

5 days ago

Source: Alaska and Virgin America may Delay Merger Close

Given that the government has approved three major airline mergers since 2008, most industry insiders expect it will eventually approve this one. But with this Department of Justice, you never know.

1 month ago

Alaska Air and Virgin America Merger Approaching Antitrust Deadline

Quite the situation if the three mega mergers before this (American-US Air, United-Continental, and Delta-Northwest) would lead antitrust officials to block a much smaller deal.

1 month ago

Alaska Air Still Holding Off Big Decisions About Virgin America’s Future

There's almost no chance that Alaska Airlines will keep Virgin America around as an airline for any longer than necessary. But some smaller elements of the Virgin America brand could remain over time.

1 month ago

A Weakened Virgin America’s Profits Decline as Alaska Prepares to Close Merger

Yes, Alaska paid a fortune for Virgin America. But that doesn't mean it is a bad deal. Alaska believes it needs Virgin America's assets to compete and grow.

3 months ago

Alaska Airlines Still Plays It Coy About Fate of Virgin America Brand

Alaska Airlines continues to play it coy when asked about its plans for the Virgin America brand. But it seems likely Alaska will retire most, if not all, aspects of the upstart's brand.

3 months ago

U.S. Carriers Should Re-Think Gutting Benefits for Their Most Loyal Flyers

Sometimes generosity and taking care of your most loyal customers gives a halo that is not immediately visible, but can have long-term benefits and end up saving your skin.

3 months ago

Airlines Are Auctioning Seats Rather Than Upgrading Loyal Passengers

Airlines aren't in the business of giving stuff away for free any more, so expect more airlines to consider seat auctions or other ways to monetize items they used to give away to loyal flyers.

3 months ago

Bereavement Fares Have Mostly Disappeared on U.S. Airlines

For most travelers, this is not a big deal. In many markets, airlines are discounting last-minute tickets so much that passengers don't need bereavement fares to find a reasonable price.

3 months ago

JetBlue to Match Virgin America Flyers’ Points Balances

The points' match from JetBlue shows the extent to which the airline will go to compete with Virgin America, its soon-to-be-stronger adversary.

4 months ago

Alaska Airlines CEO Hints That Virgin America Brand May Not Be Doomed

Alaska Airlines understands Virgin America's core customers are loyal, and it does not want to lose them. But is keeping the Virgin America brand the right move? Operating two brands at once would not be easy.

4 months ago