Aeromexico Exits Venezuela Amid Economic Turmoil

When one of Latin America's largest airlines pulls out of a nearby country, you know things are bad.

Lufthansa Is Latest Airline to Suspend All Flights to Venezuela

There's no real advantage for any airline to stick around, but do expect them to rush back in when the current leadership goes away.

Aggrieved Airlines Are Making it Harder to Fly In or Out of Venezuela

Airlines know that business will pick up again immediately when Venezuela's government gets a bit more sense in it, but they also know things won't change if they just keep flying.

Venezuela Gets Creative With Airport Taxes: $20 for Fresh Air

Venezuela is thinking up one creative way after another to say "please don't come here."

United Is Latest Carrier to Cut Venezuela Flights Over Currency Flap

If flight frequencies can be the lifeblood of a country's business and tourism economies, then Venezuela may soon require a transfusion if it persists with its currency policies for foreign airlines.

Venezuela Finds Another Way to Turn Off Visitors: Prove Where You Got Your Money

President Maduro has been forced to watch too many videos of former president Hugo Chavez to be useful. Not that airlines are cutting flights, too, coming to Venezuela seems more useless these days.

American Air to Cut 4 out of 5 of Flights to Venezuela Over Trapped $750 Million

Waiting for the claim from Venezuela's leader that this is part of a complicated conspiracy against the legacy of long-talker Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela May Have a Deal That Will Keep Airlines From Fleeing

We don't see Venezuela's current government as being capable of keeping airlines around.

Lufthansa Joins Alitalia and Other Airlines in Frustrated Cuts to Venezuela Service

Despite Venezuela's benefits, airlines have had it up to here with Venezuela.

Alitalia Latest Airline to End Flights to Venezuela Over Non-Payment

In case you weren't aware: Venezuela is such a mess even the Italians have had enough.