Meetings Association Members Convene in Utah, Which Tries to Grab Future Conferences

Visit Salt Lake considers the American Society of Association Executives conference a site inspection for the city and hopes to transform the conference into a stream of future conference bookings. Now if the city only had a new convention hotel to close the deals.

Debate Is Raging over a Proposal to Designate Utah Land as a National Monument

Amidst the arguments over the bureaucracy and red tape that would come with a national monument designation of the Bears Ears area of Utah, everyone seems to agree on one thing: that the land needs to be preserved and protected somehow.

Resort’s Plan to Trademark ‘Park City’ Doesn’t Sit Well with Residents

This move is probably not going to endear Vail Resorts to locals in Park City, regardless of efforts to "safeguard businesses and use advertising" to help people tell the difference between the resort and city.

Utah Ski Resorts Had Their Best Year Ever and Set a New Record for Visitors

Utah's ski resorts represent how different resorts and attractions working together towards a common goal can lead to big pay-offs for a state's tourism economy.

Tourism Spending In Utah Grew to Nearly $8 Billion Last Year

Tourism in Utah is growing across all sectors, but it's also changing in terms of more Chinese visitors, less snow, and increasing challenges in the national parks to meet demand.

New Utah Advertising Campaign Touts Road Trips Beyond the National Parks

Utah is addressing a problem many destinations have -- how do you get tourists to explore less popular but worthy attractions. For New York City it is Brooklyn and the Bronx; for Utah it's anything beyond the national parks.

Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks Set Attendance Records

Expect more reports like this out of U.S. national parks concerning 2015 numbers. They're only getting more popular.

Snowboarders in Legal and Culture Clash To Fight Ban at Utah Ski Resort

Some of my best friends are snowboarders. Ski resort snobs should take off their polarized lenses and let them in.

Arches National Park Is So Popular It Needs a Reservation System

Responsible management of parks and attractions is never bad for business, even if it looks like it in the short term.

The Best Views at 5 National Parks in Utah Are Blocked by Pollution

People often think of air pollution as a far-off, Beijing-type problem. Not to compare their respective scopes, but Utah's national parks find themselves engulfed in a dirty haze most of the time. The National Park Service thinks the state and local businesses are dragging their feet.