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First Cruise Ship Returns to Tunisia Since Fatal Museum Attack

We can't wait to see more visitors return to Tunisia.

2 weeks ago

Turkey Had a Terrible Year for Tourism and Signs of Recovery Are Elusive

This year has set Turkey back farther than the numbers show. It's reputation has taken a huge hit and the country's leaders are making one move after another to worsen the situation.

1 month ago

Interview: UNWTO Secretary-General on the World-Changing Power of Travel

If you want to understand what's happening right now in global tourism, the first person you should listen to is the UNWTO's Taleb Rifai.

2 months ago

Afghanistan’s Advice to Adventurous Tourists: ‘Check in With Us First’

Afghanistan has a long, rich history of attracting the world's most creative and adventurous travelers. We can't wait until it's safe enough for them to return, and Afghans to have normal lives again.

3 months ago

Turkey’s Tourism Drop Is Dragging the Economy Down With It

What's happening in Turkey is a shame for so many reasons, not lease of which are the creativity of the country's tourism leaders as well as Turkey's incredible resources.

3 months ago

Skift Survey: What Global Travelers Really Think About Visiting America-In-Turmoil

Travel to the U.S. is more resilient than some other countries, but there are already warning signs that the current climate should be cause for concern.

3 months ago

UK Travel Stocks Continue Decline Following Brexit and Greater Unrest

The British tend to travel under nearly any condition. So while TUI and its peers will take a short-term hit for sales to some markets, travel will still be taking place.

3 months ago

Turkey’s Tourism Revival Under Threat From Coup Attempt and Response

It's essential to project and then deliver on a promise of safety and security. If you do, people will return. But we are not certain the current government is capable of this.

3 months ago

52 Wounded Still Hospitalized After Istanbul Airport Attack

Expect to see major airports extending their security perimeters outside passenger terminals in coming years.

4 months ago

Istanbul’s Deadly Airport Attacks Add to Turkey’s Mounting Tourism Woes

Over the last eight months Turkey's people and its tourism industry have been under sustained attacks. It's leadership needs help (and guidance) from the international community if it is to ease the crisis.

4 months ago

Istanbul’s Airport Rocked by Multiple Explosions and Gunfire

4 months ago

Tunisia’s Tourism Industry Sees Double-Digit Drop Following Attacks

Considering that these numbers are from a government agency that doesn't want people to panic, we imagine the real numbers are even less inspiring.

4 months ago